More than a wonder,
monster or sensation —
this solo artist captivates
with wild ideas and
brilliant art of expression!
Braunschweiger Zeitung
She casts a spell on
her audience.
Neue Westfälische
The stage becomes the centrepiece of the fair — a fair of days gone by. We’re transported by the sounds and colours. Our imagination provides the scent of almonds.
Braunschweiger Zeitung
A nostalgic show
with true gems.
Peiner Nachrichten
town fair poetry.
Gifhorner Rundschau
enjoyable theatre!
Masks, pantomime, clowning —
here, all the old arts
of entertainment are celebrated.
Hildesheimer Zeitung
Donau Kurier
surprising · moving · unique

Katharina Witerzens is more than a clown. She is an artist of a special kind: whether on the theatre stage, engaged in street theatre, in one of her fantastical walk acts, on the shaky circus stage or in one of her many workshops — she captures her audience. Her tools are those of masterful physical theatre, subtle masque, extraordinary figures, refined comic effect and, not least, her endearing charm. 

Katharina’s performances are surprisingly different as she invites her audience to a world which is delicate, touching and wondrous. She can be booked for events, festivals, theatre performances and tailored workshops. 


Katharinas Schaubude

Street Theatre

Katharina uses her show boothe to bring attractions, sensations and curiosities to life for her audience — and does it without even stepping onto the stage!

Goodchap & Juliette

Walk Act

Here a trick, there an attraction and a large helping of humour: authentic costumes, masterful comic effect and brilliant make-up help bring the past to life.

Name Neues Stück

Street Theatre

»In each beginning there is a bit of magic.«
Hermann Hesse

Feeling the gaze, drinking it in, letting it effervesce — the intense interaction with different people. This is what fascinates me.