Feeling the gaze, drinking it in, letting it effervesce — the intense interaction with different people. This is what fascinates me.

Katharina Witerzens is much more than a clown. She’s a daring master of metamorphosis, a confident street theatre artist, an imaginative storyteller and — above all — a mirror of mankind. «I love what I do and communicate this joy,» she says. 

Her dream originated following an encounter with the famous clown Pello at the age of seventeen. And so she began her journey to live this dream: training in physical theatre, acting, masque, improvisation — and this at the best schools (including École Philippe Gaultier, London, Circomedia, Bristol) and with the best teachers (including David Shiner, Familie Flöz). Curious by nature, Katharina has gained important experience over the course of the different stations in her career: as an actress in international theatre groups (including Theatre Rué Pietonne, Theatre Titanick, Theatre Pikante), over her 16 years as a hospital clown and more recently, exclusively with her own programme. 

Today, Katharina is also an instructor and workshop facilitator for physical theatre, masque and clowning. She is also currently working on a training in culture management with the goal of taking over the complete organisation of events in the future. 

Her life’s passion has blossomed into a colourful bouquet made up of a range of very different productions: as a cheeky goblin, an ethereal elf, a brazen macho, a gentle bunny, a wild animal. 

She’s a prankster. Wide-awake, with an intoxicating energy and phenomenal candour. When she’s on stage, she can win over everyone in the room. You can’t escape her honest charm and joy of acting.