Goodchap & Juliette

Walk Act

Accompanied by Mr. Goodchap, the extraordinary Madame Juliette takes the stage. These are the stars of a town fair of days gone by. 

The walk act from Katharina Witerzens and Nick Lloyd is based on the true story of Julia Pastrana, who was cast as the «Apewoman» by her impresario and toured through the town fairs of the 19th century.

Here a trick, there an

and a large helping of humour: authentic costumes, masterful comic effect and brilliant make-up help bring the past to life. 

A subtle walk act where the actors mingle with the audience, becoming guests themselves. The couple radiates the magic of times gone by. Our imagination inserts the scent of roasted almonds into the scene. 


3-4 sets of 20-30 minutes each

The show uses visuals and a made-up language and is suitable for an international audience

Katharina Witerzens and Nick Lloyd

Markus Siebert «Knäcke»

Technical requirements

Costume design 
Krey & Harvey

Gabriele Derendinger