Katharinas Schaubude

Evening Programme

With her gorgeous-grotesque town fair aesthetic, solo-artist Katharina Witerzens winds a delicate and powerful path into the hearts of her audience. 

Using the show boothe — the erstwhile main attraction of each town fair - as her stage, she artfully draws on enthusiasm, transformation and desire to create a powerful atmosphere from which one can’t escape. Using these tools, she brings the world’s ugliest woman and pure terror to life.

She subtly alternates between

melancholy and surprising wit. Under the direction of Pello, the former Roncalli clown, the programme achieves a balance between the entertaining and the grotesque without falling flat. 

Celebrated by critics for her masterful art of expression, Katharina Witerzens takes her audience on a journey to a land of fantasy, creating impressions which remain long after the show is over.  

70 minutes, split into two parts 


Pello (Circus Roncalli, Deutsche Kleinkunstpreis)

Costume design 
Dunja Kopi

Gabriele Derendinger

For private gatherings, Katharina Witerzens offers gala programmes.