Katharinas Schaubude

Street Theatre

Attractions, sensations and curiosities! Draw closer! 

Katharina Witerzens invites her audience to a performance of a special sort — and does it without even stepping onto the stage. Using an old show boothe wagon, she invites spectators on a journey through time to the town fairs of olde.

Spectacle of

There, she conjures to life the small but mighty «Princess Perla» and the Asian paper artist «Ching Chang Fu», as well as a creature that is half man, half animal. 

Under the guidance of director Markus «Knäcke» Siebert, this brilliant and delicate programme unfolds, providing moments of both delicious spookiness and alchemy for the audience. 

24 Jul 21
Spielbudenplatz, D – Hamburg
25 Jul 21
Spielbudenplatz, D – Hamburg
02 Okt 21
03 Okt 21

ca. 30 min

German or English

Markus Siebert «Knäcke»

Technical requirements
An even surface of approximately 6 m x 6 m.
Seating for the audience.
For performances taking place after dark,
lighting is required.
No stage or sound technology is necessary.

Costume design
Dunja Kopi und Krey & Harvey

Gabriele Derendinger