Theatre Workshops / Workshops for Schools

To play, to have fun and to confidently embark on the joyful path of learning — what experience could be more agreeable for children, young people and adults alike? 

In the scope of her theatre workshops, Katharina Witerzens invites participants to experience just this. With her twenty years of experience, she can develop theatre projects tailored to any level – whether for elementary school children, theatre companies, festivals, kindergartens, refugees, students, or for students with physical or mental limitations. The focus of these workshops can be different – for example, physical theatre, masque, clowning or neutral mask. 

An intense

of rhythm, space and movement is transmitted during Katharina’s workshops. And, of course, the stirring of one’s own imagination. Participants encounter the magic of poetry as they get in touch with themselves and others. Along the way, they learn to sharpen their sense of perception and to hone their attention, their power of concentration and their awareness of their own bodies. This all builds more self-confidence and acceptance for the individual, which further lends to dismantling social and cultural barriers, creating a stronger sense of community. 

Katharina Witerzens also offers short «impulse workshops» up to a few hours in length which provide an opportunity for continuous cooperation. Often, the workshops end with a short theatre performance. 

Katharina Witerzens is an instructor for physical theatre at the University for Applied Sciences in Ostfalia.