for companies

Katharina Witerzens has been successfully leading company workshops for many years, including formats suited for groups both large and small, from the theatre and business worlds alike. 

The focus of the workshops is on teambuilding as well as on the cultivation of social competency and creative potential.

Solid teamwork and the courage to have

lead to greater satisfaction at work and positively impact communication, motivation and employee performance. But you already knew that, right? 

The goal of the workshops is to motivate participants and provide support along the journey, removing the obstacles that participants often put in their own way so that they can learn the ropes. All with a good measure of humour, of course! 

Unfolding one’s own hidden talents and discovering how one can put these untapped powers to use is a compelling journey. 

Does everything have to be perfect immediately? How high is one’s own tolerance for uncertainty? It’s exactly by traversing the way through the unknown, by bravely trying things out, that unconventional thinking emerges. Entrenched roles and expectations fade into the background during Katharina Witerzens‘ practical exercises, providing space for freedom and lightness. 

Workshops are tailored to the participants and can include different elements, including traditional storytelling, exploration of space, rhythm, partner movement exercises, the development of creative faculties and the high art of improvisation. Adventure can appear from out of nowhere… by letting one’s own guard down, it is possible to be deeply moved. 

It’s not about producing a certain effect. It’s about honesty, about perception, about love. In a word — about being. Only in this way is sustainable teambuilding, based on empathy, possible. As social and cultural barriers are removed, a feeling of togetherness and a high level of acceptance emerges. 

And most importantly: «To the four elements of fire, earth, water and air there belongs a fifth: humour!» (Clown Dimitri)